Dr Vejune Zemaityte

is a Senior Research Fellow in Cultural Data Analytics in Baltic Film, Media and Arts School (BFM) working as part of the CUDAN Open Lab at Tallinn University, Estonia. 


Vejune's research interests include Cultural Data Analytics, Digital Humanities, Cultural Economics, Cultural and Creative Industries, Communication, and Gender Studies. She is particularly interested in gender balance within the global cinema industry. 


Vejune uses computational data analysis and visualisation techniques to study creative industries. She works all things data, being proficient in the end-to-end process of quantitative data analysis: data gathering, database creation, data clean-up, database merge, data analysis, and data visualisation. She mainly uses MySQL, Tableau, SPSS, and Photoshop.

Vejune has been a member of the CUDAN project since 2020, the Kinomatics research team since 2015, and the International Screen Industries Consortium (ISICon) research network since 2016. She has also worked as a Research Officer at RMIT University and Research Assistant at Deakin University, the University of Technology Sydney, and Utrecht University. Vejune does research collaboratively, interdisciplinary, and internationally working with colleagues across Estonia, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Vejune has been teaching graduate and undergraduate students since 2017. She has taught courses across the disciplines of Communication and Media, Creative Industries, Marketing, and Research Methods at several universities in Australia and Estonia.

Vejune graduated with a PhD in Communication and Media Studies from Deakin University, Australia in May 2019. Her doctoral thesis “Global Cinema Distribution: A Large-Scale Data-Driven Study of Film Screenings” (supervised by Prof Deb Verhoeven, Dr Bronwyn Coate, and Dr Victoria Duckett; examined by Prof Alan Collins and Prof Jaap Boter) passed the examination with no revisions. Vejune employed unique big data of film screenings from the Kinomatics Project to investigate the temporal and spatial nature of global contemporary cinema distribution. She established a method for visually analysing, interpreting, and displaying multivariate quantitative movie information to produce new insights into the patterns and relationships present in the data. 

Before beginning her doctoral studies Vejune graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics, Psychology & Media) at the University College Roosevelt, a Liberal Arts & Sciences College of Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Vejune also worked in screen industries. She was a Research and Data Manager at an Australian start-up Choovie—the world's first web platform and app for dynamically pricing cinema tickets—during 2017–2019. She was also an Assistant Director, Screenwriter, and Production Manager at a Lithuanian TV station Lietuvos Rytas TV during 2014–2015.