Vejune worked at the Australian tech start-up Choovie as a Data & Research Manager during 2017–2019. Choovie is on a mission to make people go to the movies more. Choovie uses dynamic (airline-style) pricing to market unsold cinema seats; making empty cinema seats cheaper means increased attendance to low demand sessions and more customers at the candy bar. With a rapidly growing digital database and sophisticated customer insights, Choovie offers cinemas/distributors an easy way to reach the next generation of movie fans. Boosting a web platform and an app Choovie supports Australian and New Zealand cinemas, and the film industry, by getting bums back on seats. Vejune's role was in the development of data storage, analysis, and visualisation systems; management, analysis, and visualisation of the live customer and sales data; and revision of demand-based pricing and customer recommendation algorithms.

Vejune also worked at the Lithuanian TV station Lietuvos Rytas TV as an Assistant Director, Screenwriter & Production Manager during 2014–2015. She developed an international travel reality show 'Didysis Pasivaikščiojimas' (The Great Stroll) and gameshow 'Šeima – jėga!' (My Family is Great!).