> Research Officer

RMIT University – Behavioural Business Lab – School of Economics, Finance & Marketing – Melbourne, Australia 



Vejune runs behavioural experiments investigating what factors drive artists and creative practitioners in their career progression within the arts as part of RMIT Entrepreneurs Project.

> Research Assistant

University of Technology Sydney – Australia


Vejune collected, managed, analysed, and visualised data for various projects with the Kinomatics and ISICon research groups, including:

> Research Assistant

Deakin University – School of Communication & Creative Arts – Melbourne, Australia



Vejune collected, managed, analysed, and visualised data for various cinema-related projects with the Kinomatics and ISICon research groups, including:

  • "Gender Offenders" network analysis of women's participation in academia and cinema industry in Australia, which resulted in a co-authored publication Solving the Problem of the ”Gender Offenders”: Using Criminal Network Analysis to Optimize Openness in Male Dominated Collaborative Networks (submitted).

  • Re-distributing Gender project studying women's participation in the worldwide cinema industry

  • Measuring Global Reciprocity analysis of global multilateral cinema trade among countries

  • Global Distribution of Genre geospatial analysis of worldwide film distribution by genre

  • Diversity on Australian Screens analysis of film diversity in Australia

Research Skills:

Quantitative methods

Big data

Data analysis

Data visualization

Network analysis

Geo-spatial analysis

Web scraping

Data clean-up

Data alignment

Database construction

Data retrieval

Multiple regression

Non-parametric analyses

Behavioral experiments

Graphic design

Web design

Research Tools:














Wolfram Mathematica



aaDH: Australasian Association for Digital Humanities

ACEI: Association for Cultural Economics International

NECS: European Network for Cinema and Media Studies

HoMER: History of Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception Network

SSAAANZ: Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

> Member of the Kinomatics Research Group


Vejune has been a member of the Kinomatics research group since 2015. The Kinomatics Project collects, explores, analyses and represents data about the creative industries. The research is collaborative and interdisciplinary. The Kinomatics team consists of Prof Deb Verhoeven, Assoc Prof Colin Arrowsmith, Dr Bronwyn Coate, Assoc Prof Katarzyna Musial-Gabrys, Prof Skadi Loist, Prof Elizabeth Prommer, Dr Ben Eltham, Dr Amanda Coles, Dr Vejune Zemaityte, Dr Sarah Taylor, Dr Alwyn Davidson, Alex Gionfriddo and Assoc Prof Stuart Palmer. 

The Kinomatics Project is based on the premise that films can be understood as cultural goods that are distributed both between ‘territories’ or markets and across the globe according to industrially unique spatial patterns and temporal flows. Seeing film in this way invites us to explore the industrial aspects of movement and location but it also invites reflection on our use of these large datasets.


The major research aim of Kinomatics is to foster and investigate:

  • the global flow of culture – in particular in the film industry

  • the computational turn in cinema (and music) research

  • innovative approaches to digital research methodologies

  • models for ‘big’ cultural data research

> Member of the International Screen Industries Consortium (ISICon)



Vejune has been a member of the International Screen Industries Consortium (ISICon) since 2016. ISICon is an international network of screen industry researchers and organisations established by Prof Deb Verhoeven and Prof Skadi Loist to analyse the relative position of women in film industries across the globe. This international network brings together existing studies on local and regional data for the first time and tackles methodological challenges for assessing local differences and global similarities in data-driven studies.

ISICon has three major objectives:

  • To enable researchers to undertake meaningful comparative studies of different screen industry jurisdictions (or territories)

  • To assess the impact of different policy mechanisms across those jurisdictions and to establish an international evidence base for policymakers looking to improve equity in screen industries

  • To apply new digital research techniques such as Social Network Analysis to understand how different jurisdictions overlap and to assess the impact of gendered creative networks on the screen industries at an international scale

> Doctoral Student at the Discovery Project: Only at the Movies? Mapping the  Contemporary Australian Cinema Market



In 2015, Vejune received a Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake a doctoral study at Deakin University, Australia. Her studies were funded by the Australian Research Council as a part of the Discovery Project titled Only at the Movies? Mapping the Contemporary Australian Cinema Market (Chief Investigators: Prof Deb Verhoeven, Prof Richard Maltby, Assoc Prof Colin Arrowsmith, Dr Kate Bowles, and Dr Bronwyn Coate). While initially focused on the Australian cinema market, the project was expanded to analyse global cinema industry. 

> Research Assistant 

Utrecht University – Department of Methodology & Statistics; Department of Science – Middelburg, Netherlands



  • Data analysis and visualisation for the Dutch Municipal Election Survey on Political Attitudes (Department of Methodology & Statistics)

  • Preparation of the first issue of UCR Annual Research Report 2012–13 (Department of Science)