> Journal articles
in preparation

Disciplinary Itineraries and Digital Methods: Kinomatics and the Industrial Geometry of Global Cinema Scholarship

Verhoeven, D., Moore, P.S., Coate, B., & Zemaityte, V. (2020). NECSUS. European Journal of Media Studies, 9(2). [Abstract accepted for publication]

Controlling for Openness in the Male-Dominated Collaborative Networks of the Global Film Industry

Verhoeven, D., Musial, K., Palmer, S., Taylor, S., Abidi, S., Zemaityte, V., & Simpson, L. (2020). PLoS ONE15(6), e0234460. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0234460. [PDF] [online]

From #MeToo to #MeThree: Re-Distributing Gender in the Global Film Industry

Verhoeven, D., Coate, B., & Zemaityte, V. (2019). Media Industries, 6(1), 135–155. 

doi: 10.3998/mij.15031809.0006.108. [Altmetric: 28]. [PDF] [online]


Understanding the Dynamics between the United States and Australian Film Markets: Testing the “10% Rule”

Zemaityte, V., Verhoeven, D., & Coate, B. (2018). Studies in Australasian Cinema, 12(1), 56–69. 

doi: 10.1080/17503175.2018.1427827. [Scimago: Q1, Altmetric: 10]. [PDF] [online]

Media Trade Beyond Country Borders: Five Types of Global Cinema Distribution 

Zemaityte, V., Coate, B., & Verhoeven, D. (in preparation). SSRN Electronic Journal. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.3228310. [PDF] [online]

Movies in Transit: Analysing the Diversity of Globally Distributed Film Content

Zemaityte, V., Coate, B., & Verhoeven, D. (in preparation)

> Book chapters

Feature Film Diversity on Australian Cinema Screens: Implications for Cultural Diversity Studies Using Big Data

Coate, B., Verhoeven, D., Arrowsmith, C., & Zemaityte, V. (2017). In M. D. Ryan & B. Goldsmith (Eds.), Australian Screen in the 2000s (pp. 341–360). Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-48299-6_16. [online]

> Conference proceedings

Intellectual Networks and Cultural Networks: Kinomatics and the Complex Cultural Geometry of Cinema

Verhoeven, D., Moore, P. S., Zemaityte, V., Loist, S., & Samoilova. E. (2019). In Global Digital Humanities 2019: “Complexities”, Utrecht University, Netherlands. [PDF] [online]

Solving the Problem of the “Gender Offenders”: Controlling Collaborative Network Evolution to Optimize Openness

Verhoeven, D., Musial, K., Palmer, S., Taylor, S., Simpson, L., Zemaityte, V., & Abedi, S. (2018). In Global Digital Humanities 2018: “Bridges”, El Colegio de México. [PDF] [online]

Attitudes Towards Aggression in Psychiatric Care in the Netherlands

Wiese, E., van Kuijk, H., Asberg, R., Bruno, J., van der Geest, I., Janssen, D., Loo, K., van Rheenen, E., Slikboer, L., Terpstra, B., Verhulst, K., Zegers, A., Zemaityte, V., & Franken, E. (2014). In I. Needham, M. Kingma, K. McKenna, O. Frank, C. Tuttas, S. Kingma & N. Oud (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector: Towards safety, security and wellbeing for all, Miami, FL, USA, 71, Dwingeloo: Kavanah. [PDF]

> Theses

Global Cinema Distribution: A Large-Scale Data-Driven Study of Film Screenings

Zemaityte, V. (2019). PhD Thesis, Deakin University.


Explaining Film Popularity: Artistic Film Qualities, Commercial Decisions and Spectator Engagement in the Light of Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

Zemaityte, V. (2014). Honours Thesis, University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University.

> Other publications

R+amp Report: Engaging with Engagement

Verhoeven, D., Duffy, K., & Zemaityte, V. (2019). University of Technology Sydney.


Coming (Eventually) to a Cinema Near You

Zemaityte, V., Coate, B., & Verhoeven, D. (2017). Inside Film: If, 177, 10–12. [PDF] [online]

> Media coverage

#GenderMatters Returns!

Evans, M. (November 7, 2019). Medium. [online]

Study Points to Wide Cultural Differences between Australian and US Moviegoers

Groves, D. (January 25, 2018). Inside Film: If. [online]​

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