A wider lens: Workforce development and diversity in Australian cinematography

Abstract Film and television content made in Australia is an important site of social and cultural storytelling that both reflects the world we live in, and shapes it. We come to understand ourselves, and each other, through the stories we see on our screens large and small.

Understanding the dynamics between the United States and Australian film markets: Testing the ‘10% rule’

Australia has historically been an important market for American media exports. As far as film trade relations between the two countries go, there is an anecdotal perception that distributors follow a ‘10% rule’ to predict the popularity of Hollywood …

Feature film diversity on Australian cinema screens: Implications for cultural diversity studies using big data

Like in much of the world, cinema screens in Australia are dominated by feature films from the US. Drawing on the Kinomatics Global Showtime Dataset, a big cultural dataset of cinema screenings, this chapter considers the diversity of films screened …