cultural data analytics

A Cultural Data Analysis of the International Film Festival Participation Network

A conference paper discussing how public value is created via the international film festival network

Exploring the Role of Corporate Governance for Digital Entrepreneurship – A Network Study of Screen-Media Ventures in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

A conference paper discussing the screen media industry network of the Nordic-Baltic region

Cultural Data Analytics for Understanding Today’s Cinema

A talk discussing the use of cultural data analytics methods for cinema studies

Network analysis as a tool for studying screen media industries

A talk discussing different applications of network methodologies to the study of screen media industries

Using Social Network Analysis to Study Gender Inequality in Screen Media Industries

A talk discussing opportunities and challenges in adopting social network analysis in research on gender diversity in the screen media industries.

Exploring Soviet Newsreels 1927-1994 Using a Cultural Data Analytics Approach

A talk introducing the Newsreels project which explores the historical circulation of news via an audio-visual cultural heritage collection.

Research in Cultural Data Analytics

CUDAN research group talks at the Aalto Heldig DH Pizza seminar about research in Cultural Data Analytics.


ERA Chair Project: Cultural Data Analytics